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Julia Pandorf

Julia has a PhD in perseverance (or she would, if those were a thing). After graduating with a double major in Psychology and Women & Gender Studies from Ohio University, she took her passion for people and went to work as a full-time caregiver and house manager in Lincoln Park. Over the course of her five years caring for 3 children and managing the household for their parents, Julia honed her skills in patience, organization, communication and, most of all, negotiation. (Have you tried to negotiate with a toddler?)

All of that juggling, organizing, planning and kid-herding has positioned her perfectly for her career in Real Estate and her role on the Moda Group team.

Julia’s professionalism, her commitment to helping others, and her uncanny ability to manage multiple tasks at once are a huge asset to the clients that she serves. But it is her ability to connect with people that really sets her apart. She digs deep with her clients, really understanding their needs, wants and goals, and then works tirelessly to help them get there.

Julia is in love with the Chicago food scene and is quite possibly Sweet Mandy B’s biggest supporter. When she’s not chowing down on those cupcakes, she’s playing with her puppy, Porter.
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